Sunday, April 8, 2012

Diane in Utah - Spotlight Sunday

Diane is retired Air Force, yet still works for the military. She was diagnosed with an injury, yet didn't want to give up her quilting. So before she *officially* retired she made sure she had a long arm machine!!

In 2007 she attended HMQS in Utah and saw the Quilts of Valor booth. The Judge that year was Marcia Stevens from QOV-UM  ( that's upper Midwest). Marcia had waived her judging fee that year if she was given a booth space for QOV. Apparently it worked!!

That got Diane hooked and in 2008 thru now she has been responsible for the Quilt of Valor booth.

Diane Figures she pieced about 20 QOV's per year, but machine quilts 50 to 100!!

One of the place Diane loves to travel to is Australia. They have friends in the Navy there and while visiting she attended a quilt guild. There she met a lady who's husband had received a QOV, and the challenge was on to cover their own!.     This was in 2009, and this last January she traveled down under again, and helped them set up a QOV system like we have here.

Diane is busy promoting QOV thru Utah and their state guild, as well as helping promote HMQS. She is hoping a lot of QOV's are brought into the show!! Considering that we have more requests that quilts available - I am hoping with her!!

in 2013 there are 2 VA nursing homes going in in Utah, and they will be needing approximately 240 QOV's to cover those veterans.  Good thing Diane never seems to tire!!  There is definitely no Down time for this girl.

Recently we have been talking about First QOV"s - here are 2 of Diane's first

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