Monday, April 30, 2012

A presentation and a Thank you

Sharon,Martha,Ladies of the ALP 187,
   Ladies I want to thank you for the Greatest presentation a warrior
could ever have. I am thrilled with the luncheon it  was fabulous. The
pictures are very good but they dont show  the hard work and dedication
you ladies demonstrate with quilting and showing the appreciation of
the American Warrior. My wife Belinda was overcome by the warmth of
your kindness.
  Tuesday April  17  2012 was only  a few days away from history. April
19, 2012 was the 237th anniversary of the first shots fired in the
American Revolution on that day, Issac Davis, a  Minuteman from Concord,
Massachusetts took to arms and hastily went into battle against
government/British troops.  His body  was returned home that evening to
his family.
  I am blessed to have followed in in heros footsteps and returned home to
be able to have a presentation of  this nature. I will use  this blanket
and always remember what it stands for.
Thank you ladies, members of  the QOVF for the blanket It is beautiful and
warms not only my body, but  my soul as well.

                                                                              Thank You

                                                                               William Faulkner
                                                                               Belinda Faulkner


  1. A true patriot! Don't you just love his words!! and can't you just see the military man in spite of the civilian clothes?

  2. A true patriot, that's for sure. Well done ladies!

  3. What an exceptional man!

  4. Thank you William , for your service to this great country of ours and Ladies , job well done !!! Helen & Jerry Faulstich

  5. Thank you Mr. William Faulkner, for your sacrifice and service to our country. It is a very small part that we have to demonstrate our gratitude for the preservation of our freedom and liberty.