Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Lewiston ID Presentations

The Lewis-Clark Quilts of Valor presented 19 Quilts of Valor March 23, 2012
at the Lewiston, ID VFW Post.  Four additional QOV were there for
presentation but due to illness were taken to be presented to each.

Gwen Rankin, VFW National Auxiliary President was present and helped with
the presentations.    We presented 6 WWII Veterans, 3 Korean War Veterans,
12 Vietnam Veterans and 2 Desert Storm Veterans.

One of the Veterans receiving was Howard, a Korean War Veteran.  Howard had
been present at our Sew Day in May of last year.  He happened to be
standing next to Catherine Roberts, our founder.  He was there to cheer on
the 16 Vietnam Vets being presented.  In the course of the conversation,
Catherine asked Howard if he had received a quilt.  "No ma'am, they don't
give us old guys quilts."  So Catherine, if you are reading this - Howard
has his quilt!!  I gave him a great BIG hug from you!  Then I gave him
another one for me and another one for all the QOVers.

Perhaps the highlight of the presentations was a quilt presented to Dale
G.  He handed me a letter and asked if I would read it.  (Dale had 5
Vietnam Tours).  He said he would like me to share his letter with everyone
associated with Quilts of Valor Foundation.

"My heartfelt thanks to Sharon & Quilts of Valor Foundation.  The war for
me started April 15th 1965.  It began as a P.F.C. Rifleman in the Marines.
It ended with my last Med-Evac mission with the 498th Dust Off on Oct 4,
Between those years were many horrific, traumatic and heart wrenching
times.  But 40 some years later, of all the ugliness of war, the hardest
hit to my heart was the lack of respect, the failure to acknowledge what I
had endured as a young Marine & Soldier.  Basically, no welcome home!
Tonight I've gotten that welcome home.  Thank you and Semper Fi."

Following the presentations, Gwen addressed the group and told us there
were now 2 events which stood out as unforgettable experiences in her
capacity with the VFW,  our presentation being one of the two.  She told us
she remembers being at Landstuhl, Germany Hospital visiting and seeing the
wounded arrive.  She said she vividly remembers seeing a young man with a
quilt, questioning the nurses -"You mean this is mine, you mean I get to
take it with me when I leave?".  She said it must have been a Quilt of
Valor.  Yes, ma'am,  it was.

Submitted by Sharon L

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