Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Oregon's Navy Veterans Recognized

Three Navy veterans in Oregon have received their Quilts of Valor. Two of these men, in their 90's now, have waited a long time for their recognition.

Judy M. first found and awarded Howard L. with his quilt. Mr. L., born in 1918, served on the USS Helena at Pearl Harbor and seven more Pacific battles. Last year he was honored to act as the Grand Marshall for Springfield, Oregon's 4th of July events.

Howard's sister told  us he was so proud of his quilt he asked caregivers at his retirement center to hang it on the wall for all to enjoy.

Today Jack H., another Navy WWII Veteran who was also at Pearl Harbor, received his Quilt of Valor, presented by Linda K and Sandy N. Mr. H served in 14 battles on two destroyers, the USS Ralph Talbot and the USS Henderson. He asked that his quilt be laid across a chair just below his group of medals displayed in a frame hanging on his living area wall. Besides proudly telling about his Navy service, he's equally proud to be a life-long Oregonian.

While waiting in the lobby to present Mr. H his quilt, another man came up to the group sitting in the lobby and asked about the quilt we were holding. During the conversation he proudly told of his service in the Navy, too.  A sailor from a later generation,  Steven S served during the Desert Storm era on the USS Buchanan. Fortunately a quilt was waiting in the car to find it's new home, so his service is now recognized, too.  As we went out the door Steve quietly mentioned that his daughter and son-in-law just returned from Afghanistan. It looks like two more quilts are needed for that family.

These men's pride in our country through loud and clear as they spoke of their service. It was indeed a pleasure to meet them and be able to tell them thank you for our freedom.

submitted by Linda K Oregon/Alaska


  1. Beautiful quilts!

  2. That's so great you had one on hand for a spur of the moment presentation! Beautiful quilts!

  3. Terrific job, Linda. A big Thank you to Colleen Blackwood of Laughing Lizzie Pattern for the Bars and Stars Quilt pattern donated to Quilts of Valor. It is beautifully done for Steven's quilt.

  4. Excellent, excellent, from another Central Oregon quilter!!! We are just getting an office set up for COVO (Central Oregon Veterans Outreach) here in La Pine. More opportunities to connect with our vets young & old.

    Can someone direct me to the pattern mentioned above for Steve's quilt. All three quilts are stunning but this one touched me. I'd love to make it too.

    Barb aka omashee

    1. Stars and Bars can be found at . It's a fun and easy quilt that Colleen Blackwood designed especially for Quilts of Valor.

  5. Way to go, Linda. You do us proud! I signed up for your class today.