Friday, December 30, 2011

News from Nebraska

Lincoln NE,
QOV member Sharon M, presenting a Quilt of Valor (made using Bonnie Hunters' Bricks and
Stepping Stones  pattern
) to SSG M. Brown. 

Mr. Brown's family members requested a Quilt Of Valor from their family friend Sharon. She was very pleased to do so.   The QOV was also on display last summer at the Bernina Sewing Studio  in Lincoln NE. 

This QOV was quilted by Julia Schroeder, Co-Regional Coordinator, NE

Isn't this Cool!!!!  

Are you from the Nebraska region? Have you always wanted to be involved in Quilts of Valor in Nebraska?  Well go to   On the left hand side - look for Regional Coordinators, click there and look under Nebraska - that is a great way to get the email of the Regional Coordinator - and they can help you Plug in!!!