Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Years Resolutions

So is anyone thinking about their New Year's Resolutions for 2012? Any Quilting Goals? Any Specific patterns you want to make?  

A couple of years ago Catherine challenged us to make 12 tops for Quilts of Valor over the year.... and I took that challenge. It was great. I got to play in my stash, and make something wonderful for our service men and women!!  

And I loved the fact that QOV can pair you with a longarmer to quilt the quilt for you! Of course, I am a longarmer so I took the challenge doubly - not only to make but LA it as well.

Does anyone want to take this challenge again?  Currently there is a great need for these comforting Quilts, and if we stepped up to the plate - one quilt at a time I bet we could make a dent in the waiting lists!!! What do you think?

Here is some inspiration for quilt patterns:

Persimmon Quilts Mysteries  She has 20... count em 20! Quilt of Valor Mystery patterns available, Something should surely strike your fancy!!

A scrappy Rail Fence

There are some great patterns found at Mary's site

And of course - Bonnie's Quiltville    Oh - and over here:  Patchwork Times

As you can see there is a lot of inspirations all over the web. Any favorite places you have found free patterns?

Remember the minimum size is 55 x 65, and the max 72 x 90.... so 12 lap sized quilts shouldn't be too hard right?



  1. I have three started, and kit samples to make, so yes! I am in.

  2. This is my primary resolution...I have a couple QOVs ready to wash, label and mail, then 3 more to quilt and finish. I'm halfway to the goal! And so looking forward to LeAnn's next mystery :-)

  3. I'm in Alycia, and that's me personnally; not me and the Miracles gals!