Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Challenge for Long Arm Quilters too

So I recieved an email from a Long Arm quilter  ( I LOVE emails!!!) and she asked how she could participate in this 12 Quilt Challenge.....

So - here you go!! Long Armers - I challenge you to commit to quilting 12 tops through out 2012. And here is a great way to do it. We have this wonderful gal - Judie - who is the longarm/topper pair person!!

If you go to   and in the top left hand corner - there is a tab. Volunteer to Longarm.. click on that and fill it out. You can choose to just be sent one top per month, or choose to let Judie know what months you can accept tops. OR!!! Even let Judie know that you are a longarmer and you are quilting for such and such group....

And !! take pictures of those quilts that you quilt... Toppers Take pictures of the tops that you make - we will do a Mr. Linky kind of thing so you can show them off!!! Either on your blog, or by Flicker.... won;t that be fun? Our own little quilt show!!

This is Fred - he is going to keep an eye on us!!


  1. I take the longarm challenge!!!!! 12 tops this year at least!!!!

  2. Me too! I'll be happy to quilt at least 12 quilts this year!

  3. If I make 12 and quilt them myself...does that count twice?

  4. Sounds good to me. I have signed up for two a month.

  5. I am already quilting for a group and have done 51 quilts in 2011 and I guess I have made about 3 still to be quilted. So I guess another 12 for 2012 will be doable. I hope to do many more than that .