Saturday, January 7, 2017

Four weeks and counting until our 2017 National Sew Day. As in all other life events, let's make this a day to remember. A day of laughter, friendship, quilting, sewing, memories, cutting, stories, purpose, and meaning.

I was asked to look into the possibility of putting together a CD of patriotic music for National Sew Day. This undertaking was more involved than what I was capable of accomplishing prior to February 4th. However, I thought it was a great idea; to use music to bring us together from coast to coast. 

I will be putting together a playlist that can be listened to on February 4th. It would be great to hear what your favorite patriotic songs are. Please comment to this post and include the name of a patriotic song you would like included on the YouTube playlist. 

And come back daily to the blog, from now until February 4th. Who knows what new news you will find!

May peace and contentment fill your soul and the craft you have chosen bring healing and comfort. 

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