Saturday, January 14, 2017

It's been a busy and fun last couple of days! I've had the privilege of speaking with a few QOVF members. What a fantastic way to generate and encourage new ideas. One suggestion was to share special snack food ideas to serve during the National Sew Day. Being new to this blogging thing I didn't want to post something on this blog that could get me into trouble with another blogger or group. So, I created a new National Sew Day Pinterest board. Right now this board only includes patriotic foods for sharing on the 4th of February. However, over the next week I plan on adding pattern ideas, games, and anything else I can find that might generate excitement and fun. You can find the board at the following location:

I am looking forward to more conversations over the next couple of weeks. It is an honor to listen and to assist. It is a privilege to be of service to this group!


  1. All those treats on Pinterest look fabulous! Since I quilt alone I think I'll avoid them all and see what DH decides to serve that day😉

    1. I've added some other pins to the National Sew Day Board. Maybe there will be something there you feel like you can use on February 4th. Do you have something in particular you will be working on that day?

  2. I don't Pinterest, but, I have a great flag shaped jello mold. Make red jello, top with Cool Whip, and finish off with some fresh blueberries. Red velvet cake would be great, too.