Sunday, January 8, 2017

I love early mornings. When I had children at home, four busy, rambunctious boys, it was my quiet time. Now that all my boys have grown I find it's still my favorite time of the day. This morning I was treated to a beautiful sunrise as I walked past my sewing room. I wish I had thought to take a picture. Maybe next time. For today the memory of what I saw will have to be enough. The beauty of the awakening of a new day started my morning reflections. I went back in time to when I first joined the US Air Force and was stationed in Alaska. What an amazing, beautiful, colorful, 5 years those were. 

Where am I going with this? The song to start us off on February 4th will be America the Beautiful. I would love to hear your stories of beauty found in our country; from state to state. Maybe these stories will help us remember to open our eyes, to be aware that right outside our windows we can see the beauty of our America!


  1. America the Beautiful is one of my favorites. My first semester at Wellesley College, I lived in Bates Hall, named for Katherine Lee Bates, who had been a professor there - and who wrote the lyrics. The song was sung at many college gatherings.

    1. Cindy - what a wonderful connection to a great song!I'm sure it brings added meaning and memory! If Google is working correctly Wellesley College is in Massachusetts, correct?

  2. Having grown up in eastern Pennsylvania and after raising our sons there we moved away. Upon returning to visit family I looked around and saw spectacular beauty that escaped me previously. There are beautiful rolling hills, mountains, and migrating birds that make the landscape interesting at every turn. From my sister's deck the setting sun lends a fantastic show in the west. America is Beautiful and every place we visit has its own spectacle of beauty.

  3. Having travelled all over the US, I can't think of any state I have visited that I haven't experienced beauty in. Each place has a beauty of its own, whether a city, lake, ocean, river, woods, mountains, trees, sunsets or sunrises. We are truly blessed to live in such a diverse country with so much to explore and take in. America the Beautiful is perfect to start the day and let us reflect on how lucky we are to live here.