Thursday, April 11, 2013


We had a special visitor (well, several) at our sew day.

Kenny B. is a Marine who served in the early part of Iraq and is now disabled due to PTSD.  He brought his 100# service dog, A., and his brother from Ohio to work on his foundation,

They were also doing a movie in our locale, and he was interviewed by the LA Times.  Still waiting to see the article. He had heard about our group  from one of the other Community Celebrities on the cruise last Sept.

Since he works with dogs, and we just had a panel given to us, Lori made it into a quilt for him.  The back is fleece with dog bones on it and our quilter, Thom Knight, not only wrote thank you across the top, but did dog bones in the quilting!  And, Helga made A. a stuffed bone toy, too.

He told us about the stigma of having 'issues' while being deployed.  He was actually scheduled to go back to Iraq with a friend, and he didn't.  The vehicle his friend was in was blown up and everyone was killed.

  He told us how important his dog is to him and his family, but it cost him $15,000 to get him.  He originally thought the big dog would keep people away, but it is just the opposite.  He has now learned to stop and visit with strangers rather than have his guard up.  A. helps him overcome the after-effects of his nightmares and gives him peace of mind to be able to sleep at night.

  He has a wife and two kids age 5 & 6. His wife is now suffering from secondary PTSD.  His foundation will help more Veterans get the service dogs they need and also help them find the services to help them get back into civilization..

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Barbara Winkler
SoCal Quilts of Valor


  1. Wonderful story, Barbara - thank you so much for sharing!! The doggie quilt is great and prayers for Kenny B. and his family!!

  2. I was not aware of this program, Barbara. Thanks for sharing.