Thursday, April 25, 2013

Patrick Henry School

Patrick Henry School has their 4th graders do a program and salute to Veterans every year.  We have attended for about 4 years.  This year's theme was the Real Meaning of Memorial Day" (and it wasn't just another 3 day weekend or an excuse for teachers to get away from students!)

They sang songs, then invited all the Veterans in the audience to come forward, introduce themselves and when and where they served.  One even joked that we the tax-payers had sent him around the world.  There were about 40-50 Vets in attendance.

We had several quilt requests to fill that evening including: Gloria S. who served in the Navy in Korea and her daughter Veronica who was in the Air Force.

Father Jim C. Sr served in WWII in the Army Air Corps and his son Jim C. Jr who served in the Army in Vietnam.

Vance W. served in the sub force of the Navy in Afghanistan.

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