Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Thank You Recieved

"Dear Dr. L,

My name is Laura B. I live in Norco, CA.
I wanted to tell you a little about the person that received your beautiful "Quilt of Valor" that was pieced by Dolores Z. and quilted by you from May thru July 2012.

My daughter is MSgt Stephanie W,, USAF. She was deployed to Kandahar and Bagram Air Fields in Afghanistan last year. Stephanie is an Air Evacuation Tech.

I don't know if you are familiar with the job that AET's do in the Air Force but in simple terms she is compared to a flight medic. She cares for injured soldiers and sometimes civilians on large aircraft such as C-17's that have been configured for medical transport to larger hospitals such as Ramstein Germany.

This last deployment her duties included unloading patients from the helicopters and ground transporting them to the hospitals on the air bases that I mentioned previously. This is where she came across your beautiful quilt.

Looking for something to keep her warm she found something so special that it just felt like a hug from home. You see my grandmother was a quilter. She made a quilt for every grandchild and great grandchild that was born before she passed away. Stephanie was 4 years old when her great grandmother passed away but she grew up sleeping under that quilt on her bed.

Quilts are cherished in our family because we fully understand the amount of time, patience, skill and love that is invested in the finished product.

I wanted you and Ms. Z. to know the amount of comfort your precious donation brought my daughter. She is home safe for now and when she shared this precious gift from you I just had to write to you and let you know how much she truly appreciated your kindness, generosity and the hug that enveloped her when she needed it most.

I am forever grateful that my daughter came home safe and for wonderful people like you that support our troops. In places like Afghanistan our young warriors see the worst of what mankind is capable of and a hug from home is always appreciated.

Thank you so very much and if possible please share my note with Ms. Z., her address or email address as I was unable to locate her.

Laura B."


  1. What a lovely note! I'm so glad her daughter was able to find her quilty "hug" when she needed it!

  2. Heart-warming story!! Just motivates me to do more!