Thursday, April 18, 2013

Nebraska QOV Presentation

I had the privilege of presenting a QOV to Dale T, who served as a pilot in both WWII and Korea. 

 We have known Dale for many years, and while I could write a zillion stories about him and his service to our country, suffice to say: he is truly a member of the "greatest generation."

The QOV given to him was made by an 11-year old 4-H member from Jefferson County, Nebraska. She used both patriotic and Nebraska (Husker) fabric in the quilt, so it was perfect to give to Dale who is both a native Nebraskan and a University of Nebraska alum. 

And, little did we know when we selected the QOV for him, he also has family from Jefferson County!
Respectfully submitted,
Sara Kenny
Central Midwest Region Coordinator (NE, IA, KS)
Quilts of Valor Foundation

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  1. This is so wonderful and I am sure that Dale will stay nice and warm in that gorgeous quilt!!