Monday, November 26, 2012

What's happening In Washington

We have been doing a few individual presentations, mostly to soldiers from Joint Base Lewis McChord(JBLM). I met the head of Madigan hospital last week and he told me that 8000 soldiers are returning in the next three months! 

I made and presented a quilt to the elementary school on JBLM. All these children have one or more parents who are or will be deployed to Afghanistan (over 600 kids). Since our war has been going on for so long, that is all these kids have known their entire lives. I got to find out what a Stryker is -- it's an armored vehicle that is kind of like a tank, but uses wheels instead of tracks. Lots of hi-tech video cameras inside so they can stay inside and look around. They had two of them on display at the school so the kids can see what mom/dad does where they work.

A couple weeks before I went with a couple QOV workers to Whidbey Island where we presented 10 quilts to returning Individual Augmentees(IAs). It was a very casual presentation and someone posted pictures on-line. I had sent the link to the staff list, but it seems I have "lost" all my former QOV email. Need to research if I can retrieve it.

One of my QOV workers is a retired, male sailor. A couple months ago his wife called me and said "Fred wants to make a QOV for our grandson". With help from is wife, Fred made and presented that quilt to his grandson and now Fred has made 4 more quilts. His goal is to make quilts for Vietnam Vets. He will be presenting his quilts to a Veterans home near Port Orchard next week. I'm hoping that Fred will coax some of his male friends into making some QOVs -- it would be so cool to have a men's group!!

Next Monday I will be meeting with the head of the local VA hospital system and presenting a quilt to the VA hospital with the promise that we will be giving out more of them at a later date.  

Next Thursday we will be presenting 55 quilts to local IAs from Bremerton, Keyport and Bangor. Thanks to everyone who mailed a quilt or two. It really helps when we need a large number of them.

Then I think we are clear until mid December when I go to Yakima. They are asking for 12.

Carol Olsen
Region 2 WA
Quilts of Valor Foundation

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