Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thank you

I received a thank you letter today that I would like to share. It
was from Col. F.C. L who was stationed with the 624th Forward surgical team at FOB Shank in Eastern Afghanistan.

Some words I can't make out, and yet I wanted all of you to share in his thank you to me.

I write and thank you for your wonderful quilt. As back ground I am
an Army Surgeon assigned to FOB Shank in Eastern Afghanistan. I arrived on 22 July, 2012. Our unit provides emergency surgical care
to the members of the 173rd Airborn Brigade.

FOB Shank is in Eastern Afghanistan and surrounding area. It is very violent and dangerous. Our unit is the busiest surgical team in Afghanistan.

On 7 August 2012, a large truck loaded with between 3-5000/s of explosives blew up outside the walls about 20 yards from our field hospital. The hospital and one ___ were destroyed and about 1/2 of
the hospital personnel  were injured.

Once the immediate casualties were treated and evacuated, I slept in the destroyed hospital and used your beautiful quilt of warmth. I was very blessed that day to be uninjured and have continued to use your
quilt of luck. Have been here for 3 very long months and ___ a lot.
We have done great work and I am again blessed to have had the experience.

I have sent your quilt to my home and am busy at Walter Reed to
continue to care for our injured soldiers.

As a soldier and a surgeon I thank you for your special gift that
provided much comfort during trying times.

Warm Regards.

As most of us know we receive.few thank you letters. Especially if
we send our quilts to injured who may not be able to respond when they
receive the quilts. It's not why we send them. Thankfully the
surgeon who received this one wasn't injured, but I'm glad it brought
comfort after seeing so many of his unit injured and hospital
destroyed. I'm glad it was there at that moment. So I hope you'll
take this letter and enjoy it's thanks for all the time's we don't
receive that thank you. For me it's back to my sewing machine.
Sharon D
Pembroke, Ky.

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