Monday, November 12, 2012

“This means more to me than the medals and Honors I have received”

Veteran’s Day weekend – Germantown, MD

On a clear, bright, Sunday morning, a Patriot from WW II was honored with his Quilt of Valor.

For his service and sacrifice in the Army’s CCR Rifle Company, attached to the 25th Tank Battalion, Claudel St. J. weathered the price of war and safely returned home to New Orleans.

Decades later, he and his beloved wife were uprooted, as a result of Katrina and became refugees in Germantown, MD.

The storm wiped out his home, all his possessions, the mementos of war, his commendations and Medals he received - to include his Bronze Star. These were recently replaced, as requested, through the office of Veteran’s Affairs.

In recent years, after a nearly a decade of longing to be home again, he lost his wife to a prolonged illness.
Upon receiving his Quilt of Valor, Claudel spoke the words we hear again and again - these words fuel the passion in our hearts – “This Quilt of Valor means more to me than all the medals and Honors I have received”.

Claudel lovingly, yet firmly, clutched tight to his chest his Quilt of Valor.

He turned and walked into a sunny morning filled with new hope, the recognition of his community, and this Nation for his service and sacrifice for all of US.

Respectfully submitted,
Jeff Thorne

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