Saturday, September 10, 2011

August 11 - 15 brought "The Vietnam Moving Memorial Wall" to Lewiston Idaho. We were asked to present QOV's to 2 local men, the Master of Ceremonies, Maj Kay Kalbfleisch and Ray Rooper, a Purple Heart and the man in charge of the many volunteers. These quilts were quietly presented away from the memorial.

You may remember Mike Beckley, the Vietnam Veteran, who sent me a picture holding his quilt in front of the Wall a couple of years back. He shared with me HIS story and asked if we might be able to present a quilt to his buddy, now living in Texas. Mike was the man responsible for getting the Wall to Lewiston and asked his buddy to come during its time here. These two men were the sole survivors of an attack........Mikes QOV was the beginning of his healing, this Wall was the final link. He wanted the same for his friend. Tues, Aug 9, Pat arrived from Texas. The picture attached shows the three of us at his presentation. On the left is Mike, on the right is Pat and I am in the middle. (Just a footnote about Mikes hair. It was cut - Tues morning. He lets it grow for 2 years, has it cut and given to Locks of Love.) Oh, and yes, it was the start of Pat's journey.

The Idaho National Guard unit will be returning home mid Sept from Iraq. The Unit's members from Riggins, Id north to the Canadian Border will be gathering in Dec for the 3rd of their required Yellow Ribbon gatherings. We are working hard to amass 279 QOV's to be presented to these fine men and women. We would be much appreciative to anyone willing to help us meet our goal, especially QOVer's from Idaho. You may contact me at for more information.

Sharon Ledbetter

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