Saturday, September 10, 2011

On August 3, 2011 a group of quilters from NE Oregon gathered at the open studio time of J. Marie Norris in her home. Six ladies who have been working as a group in the area of Ukiah, OR, about 60 miles south of Pendleton where Marie lives, came to meet with some of the Blue Mountain Piecemakers and share QOV's and information. Karyn Hinkley is their fiesty leader and they brought nine quilts to add to those we have been gathering for the helicopter unit which just returned in July from being deployed for their second time. The pictures I share here show the group showing off their quilts and we all learned from each other.

Marie demonstrated how a quilt is put on a long arm machine which many said helped them to understand the time involved by our dedicated LA's. Thank-you to all of you who take your precious time to do this.

We here with the Blue Mountain Piecemakers will be Celebrating the Life tomorrow of one of our members who has made many QOV's over the past 5 years. Kathi Thompson passed on Aug 9, 2011. Her special spirit will be sadly missed.

We have almost made our goal of 68 QOV's for our helicopter unit. Several are still in the process and we hope to award them by the end of October.

We hope and pray for all of you out there making quilts to be proud of what you are doing and always remember our military members and their families. They are why we are free and can enjoy the lives we do.

J. Marie Norris
Oregon regional coordinator.

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