Friday, June 3, 2011

Canada QOV Qualification

Thank you Catherine for your article and clarification with Ellen on who receives quilts. In Canada, we are distributing to our soldiers – injured while serving our country. As the Canadian military are more often in the role of a peace keeping mission, we have taken the broader perspective from our beginning. Recently I was fortunate enough to present quilts to soldiers in a care facility for our veterans of WWII. Having spoken with our elderly it does not take long to realize the post trauma stresses these soldiers are now living with. For many years they held inside, buried deeply, what they saw and experienced. If you speak with their children and spouses, you learn that no one heard the details. Now, as their memories take them back in time – whether it be Alzheimer’s or dementia or reflection of their life, the emotions and horrors are coming back to them. The quilts were received with many reactions, but the veterans all hugged them so closely. We have received letters of thank you from their families.
Thank you Catherine, once more, for your inspiration, and encouragement in our support of our Canadian service members.


Lezley Zwaal, Founder, Quilts of Valour - Canada

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