Friday, June 3, 2011

Arkansas News

A combination of 22 rookies and coaches gathered to sew, press, cut, bind, and in general have a good time making quilts of valor at Briarwood Baptist Church in Cabot, Arkansas, Thursday.April 7th. That very day a thank you note came in on the churches e-mail and was read to all. It was from Ranger Ron Benton and his twin brother, Don Benton, Army helicopter pilot, both former soldiers now living in Texas.

Included was a picture of Jerermy Adams in a wheelchair with a quilt.And a picture of a quilt label, Behind Jeremy is Don and Ron's mother Mona Callaway of Cabot. His note said,
"This is my mom, Mona Callaway from Cabot. This week she visited us in San Antonio Texas where we visited wounded heroes at Brooke Army Medical Center. We met many heroes. My mom had told me about the many quilts the super dedicated ladies at the church sew." "Mom, he has a quilt like you were talking about, I exclaimed." Jeremy said that when he was put on a plane to go to Ramstein, Germany to be stabilized before going to the states, he was given this quilt. He said he loved his and still takes it everywhere and sleeps with it even months after being given it in Afghanistan. When we turned the blanket over to see if there was a label and where it came from, you guessed it, The Nimble Thimbles at the church in Cabot, Arkansas!
I took a picture of the label also. Thank you all, you wonderful ladies who sew love and kindness and support into every stitch of those quilts.The system works, this is proof. Thank y'all for doing this deed of love for our heroes. God bless our troops.

Submitted by Sharon Bailey

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