Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I had an experience at the grocery store recently that blew me away! I thought I'd share, just to show how QOVF works so well.

I have some of the QOV shopping bags that I use every time I go to the store. This one day as the checker opened the bag she read the inscription aloud, "Quilts of Valor Foundation. What's that?" So I replied, "We make quilts to comfort our veterans touched by war." She *literally* gasped, clasped her hands over her stomach and stepped back, wide eyed. When she recovered she said, "I'm a veteran, so anything done to show support to our military is touching, but this one *really* takes me aback. My brother is in Afghanistan now, his fifth tour, and just yesterday was selected to head a group of 40 men to watch for symptoms of pending suicide." As she continued to ring up my order we talked about how war has touched those we know and kept saying "God Bless you." I finally told her that it was she and the other veterans who should be receiving that blessing, not me! "Oh no," she said, "and pass on my blessing to all of the rest of your quilter friends." So to you all..........God Bless you, too!

Today I was back in that same store and she spotted me going down an aisle. She came out of her check stand and gave me a big hug.......stopping everyone around to tell them about our mission. I think my next quilt will be going to her for her to send to her brother in Afghanistan.

Linda K., Oregon and Alaska


  1. What a touching experience. I hope you'll share the finished quilt. Don't you know it will be truly treasured! Where can the QOV shopping bags be purchased? I would love to have some.