Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New Quilters

I have had such fun with "under our wings" even though I didn't know there was a program when I started! Last summer a friend called to ask if I had any projects that would keep her teenage daughter busy over the summer. So I said, "Well, we could make some Quilts of Valor!" Every Tuesday, the 14-yr old came over to sew. By the end of July we had 2 finished tops! We even made a star pattern backing when we heard that the police were going to sponsor a "Safe Night Out" picnic in our park. Neely and her brother took the backing to the picnic and got signatures from the police chief, the sheriff, the K-9 handler, the district attorney and lots of police and fire fighters. The 2 finished quilts with journals and photos were sent to Afghanistan.
Then another young friend saw the quilt tops and said that she wanted to make a quilt, too. So she and I met after work 1 evening a week and just recently sent the top to a longarmer. She is so excited!
Now I'm making plans to work with some high school students when we have a QOV exhibit at the Broomfield Veterans Memorial Museum in Broomfield, CO.

Becky Fellows
Boulder, CO