Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Gift For A Soldier

Back in Feb. of 2010 I asked my grandson Riley Wuebbels age 7, if he wanted to make a quilt with me for a soldier that had been injured in the war. A soldier that was fighting for our freedom here in America! I wanted him to understand what this was all about. If we do not teach our young how precious our freedom is and the sacrifices others make on our behalf they will not understand the value of FREEDOM. He thought about it and said “Yes, grandma I would like to do that.” So, I picked out a simple block pattern called rail fence and added a border. I thought it would be easy enough so that he would not get frustrated, thinking he couldn’t do it. Then we needed to go pick out fabric. Riley was not intimidated at all. He jumped right in. Ever sense Riley was a small boy he has always loved the American flag. So what fabric did he choose? Fabric with an American flag! He chose the fabrics and seems to have an eye for color. Getting ready, I had all the fabric washed, ironed and cut, so when he got here, all I had to focus on was teaching him. I put a piece of tape on the arm of the sewing machine, next to the foot, so that he knew how to keep the fabric straight to be able to sew a straight ¼ inch seam. I have a sewing machine that has buttons on it, for reverse and to cut thread. He told me how he loves the buttons. Each seam he did he couldn’t wait to use the buttons again! It kept him intrigued! When he would veer off to far, he would say, “a oh grandma” and instantly I knew we needed to stop, and rip a little. I explained to him how we needed to do a really good job and that we needed to stay on schedule to get the quilt top done on time. Riley would call me in between sessions and ask if he could come over and work on making the quilt. And of course, we did! I took pictures of him using the machine and his accomplishments. When the quilt top was done he was thrilled! I asked my daughter Kimberly (Riley’s Mom) if he could be at the Quilts Of Valor Marathon to present the quilt to a soldier. That soldiers name was Trey Monroe, a Vietnam veteran. The day came Sept. 10, 2010 with excitement in the air! The whole family came Mom, Dad and siblings. Riley was very excited. He knew today was the day to give the quilt, he made, away to someone very special! Riley and I received a very heartfelt Thank you card from Trey. A Thank you I will treasure! I will never forget the experience and I hope my grandson never forgets as well!! ~ Rhonda

Submitted by: Suzie Haas (Rhonda's sister)

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