Monday, October 21, 2013

Why I Am A Quilting Rookie of the YEAR

Introducing Daryl Brandt Quilting Rookie
Daryl D. Brandt a disabled Marine Corps veteran started quilting in January. The 53-year-old male started quilting during his recovery from a knee replacement done at the Iowa City VA hospital. His mother, Dolores, or Dee, as most people call her, has been quilting for over 40 years. She had a few UFOs - unfinished objects laying around. Since recovering from any major surgery is a long and boring process Daryl decided to help her finish up some of her UFOs. By the time they finished 20 unfinished objects Daryl was ready to make his own quilt. Not just any quilt - but a quilt made out of his own military uniforms.

Daryl D. Brandt and HIS Quilt
I've been asking my mother to make my quilt for over 30 years, but we could never find the pattern for that quilt so I made my own pattern. I disassembled 2 camouflage tops and two sateen tops. I saved the pockets, collars, sleeves and even the leg ties so I could cut them up and sew them back together to make MY quilt. When I finished I had a beautiful quilt made from my military uniforms. Uniforms I had used for 25+ years doing tree trimming and tree removal. This way I hope to get another 25+ years of use out of them.
The Quilting Rookie of the Year Award...
I think these are pretty good reasons to become the rookie of the year.
Points for being quilting's rookie of the year.
1. I helped my mother finish over 30 unfinished objects this year.

2. I received a lap quilt at the VA hospital. I have finished and donated 2 twin size quilts back to the VA hospital.

3. I have 6 more quilt tops finished to donate as Quilts of Valor.

4. I helped sew pajama bottoms with my mother and the ladies auxiliary from the Oelwein Legion for our soldiers and veterans.

5. I also helped sew ditty bags for other veterans and soldiers.

6. I designed and made my own Quilts of Valor.

7. I designed my own quilt panels for my own Quilts of Valor.

8. I have incorporated one of those quilt panels into a Quilt in Honor.

9. At the Quilts in Honor debut show in Des Moines Iowa I showed my military uniform quilt in the Quilts in Honor booth. Watch the YouTube Video

10.I would have showed my other two quilt that I designed but they were not quilted yet.

11. I did show them to the people at the show from Operation Homefront, AmericanQuilters Society, Quilts of Valor and Quilts in Honor. I decided from their input to donate one of my own Quilts, so they could place it with 50 of the top quilters quilts. These quilts will tour around the country in 18 shows to raise money for Operation Homefront.

 Sincerely yours
Daryl D Brandt
Rookie quilter of the year.
P. S. There may not be a rookie of the year now. But somebody has to be the 1st.


  1. I'm voting for you, Daryl!! What an amazing accomplishment and give your Mom a big hug for me, would you!! You are truly loved and passing that love forward!! Thank you for your military service and continued service to the military men and women of this great country!! YOUR quilt is wonderful!! Thank you so much for sharing!!

  2. Thank you for your loving comment.

  3. Way to go, Daryl! Love the quilt you designed with your uniforms. Keep it up!

  4. ;-) I'm voting for you too! Wonderful post. Maybe my son will let me use his uniforms this way. I'm certainly going to ask him!

  5. Semper Fi Daryl,,, I agree, there has to be a first Rookie of the Year and why not be a Former Marine. Thank you for your service to our Great Country and for what you do for our past and present military.
    Kay Miller, USN Retired 1986-2006

  6. Daryl, your quilt is gorgeous and I'm sure all your others are as well. Good for you for carrying this forward and joining us in covering all of our combat veterans. We owe all of our troops everything. Hugs to you.