Wednesday, October 2, 2013


I am the daughter of Robert Davis, and the niece of Buzz Davis, both received a quilt of valor quilt on August 27th.

My dad asked me if I could somehow relay their thanks and their gratitude to you all and your team…   My dad doesn't type very much and has a hard time writing, and my uncle Buzz doesn't know who to write to… So I am writing a thank you letter for both of them. Neither one expected what they received. They were both very shocked and very pleased with their quilts. They both commented about all the hours and hours that they know went into the making of those quilts. After you left my dad just sat there and kept rubbing the quilt, you could tell that he was really thinking about what that quilt represented. My uncle Buzz was still in shock about receiving his quilt. He figured it would have been for my husband who retired from the Army after 20 years.

I myself, think it is awesome what you all do, and what your quilts represent. You can tell the dedication in what you do and all of the love that goes into each one of those quilts. I was honored to have been able to be there and see both my dad and my uncle get recognized for their service and sacrifice they made so many years ago for our country.

I know that both my dad and my uncle want to thank everyone who has a role in producing these quilts, for their time, for their talent and for their dedication. Please let them know that we realize the impact that their quilts have on the receivers of their quilts firsthand!!! 

Thank you and may God bless each and every one of you!

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