Thursday, October 3, 2013

Captured His Heart

Even Hollywood can't compete with this. 
WWII, Marine Combat Veteran - In Iwo Jima, on the way up the mountain as the flag was being raised, he paused just long enough to see it cast its shadow across the island. An island that would take 36 days to capture, at the cost of 26,000 casualties, 6,800 deaths. 
Bronze Star recipient - wounded, he was treated at Bethesda, before returning to combat. He met a Navy Nurse and the sparks flew. When he was asked by 13 News what were his most memorable moments during the war, he talked about her writing him everyday, and they weren't even married...but he knew she had 'hurt' him...'captured his heart.' 
They married after the war in February 1946. He will turn 93 next week and she 92...she said she married a much older man. 
I am blessed to be the presenter of these Awards, but the comfort and healing comes from the hearts, and through the hands, of QOV Quilters. And I am deeply indebted to you all for this privilege.


  1. Great story, Les. We are proud to call you one of "us".

  2. What a lovely couple with a lovely story.

  3. What a wonderful love story!!