Monday, April 18, 2011

Veterans sewing for Veterans

Had the most amazing sew day yesterday. Veterans sewing for Veterans. Several of the
Veterans that received QOVs at the December 7th presentation came together today
to pay it forward. They had never sewed a stitch but with a bit of coaxing
and guidance they made enough string blocks (120 in about 5 hours) to make 4
QOVs. They were so proud and pleased their efforts would make it possible for
others to feel the honor and comfort of a QOV.
Lori Kutch
Wenatchee, WA


  1. That is awesome!! Great job. Hope you all had a great fun day.

  2. What a wonderfully creative way to involve Veterans! I'm sure all involved had a great time and were happy to have the opportunity to do their part. Good job!

  3. kudos to our veterans!! my husband is a navy veteran - transitioning to the reserves now - and has helped me sew several blocks for my QOVs. i'm trying to talk him into sewing an entire QOV top still. he will. one day.

  4. I'll bet the spirit of Al Lind was hovering over the room cheering (um, prodding?) them on!
    Wonderful day, thanks for sharing it!
    Is June the dedicated Long arm quilter for these too?