Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dover Port Mortuary

Covering the Port Mortuary workers(those who receive the bodies of the fallen and respectfully prepare them for the final journey home) was a project Catherine Roberts began while living in DE, and we would like to see it continue.

Laurel Braunstein, Reg9 Coordinator, and Lenny Truitt, Financial have been attempting to cover the needs of 10 QOVS per month from within their local group in Seaford, DE. As quickly as they are able to acquire the needed amount of QOVs, they are depleted. This leaves them without QOV's to present to others in their community. Without assistance from the QOVF community around the country, they are finding it impossible to keep up with the combined needs in their small state.

If each region would commit to sending 1 quilt per month, or if 20 quilters or groups would commit to sending 1 QOV every other month, the need of 10 quilts per month could be met

Contact for further information or to volunteer. Laurel will report on the response within the next two weeks.

Quilting to Honor & Comfort,

June D. Moore


Quilts of Valor Foundation


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