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Regional News for November

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News From Region 6

Here you go - here are the photos from the latest WWII Honor Flight/QOV recipient

~ Tink Linhart

T/Sgt. Arnold DeWitt
Serial No. 16155818
WWII 1942-1945
Army Air Corp.
Made By: Sharon DeWitt


News from Region 7

Along with turning leaves and goblins, October was a good month for getting the word out about the Quilts of Valor Program in Arkansas, Lousiana, Missouri and Mississipi. Several internet quilting boards and quilters were contacted in each state.

A Quilt of Valor Foundation presentation was held to the White County Homemakers Council at Harding University.

The QOVF brochures were shared and people invited to our weekly sit and sew at the American Legion booth during Cabot Fest.

A quilt that was not quite the "right" size was presented to a veteran who was leaving the area. He had been an advocate for Veteran's rights for four years of his time in our town.

A certificate of appreciation for her diligent and excellent work on quilts of valor was presented to Judy Farmer of the Cabot Nimble Thimbles, upon her moving away party.

I'd like to hear more from quilters in Region 7, so feel free to e-mail me anytime at

~ Sharon Bailey


News From Region 9

Hello Everyone,

It's so exciting to see Quilts of Valor highlighted today on the Norfolk/Virginia Beach ABC affiliate WVEC. Part one aired this morning and part two will air tomorrow on Veteran's Day when we meet Army Corporal Jonathan Bartlett who was the inspiration for the Tidewater Quilters Guild becoming involved with Quilts of Valor six years ago.

Jonathan received the very first Quilt of Valor and he's never known that we've been making quilts ever since. As of today the Tidewater Quilters Guild has sent 1,062 Quilts of Valor to the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center ICU in Germany for presentation to America's most seriously battled wounded from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Go to the link below to see the video filmed at my favorite quilt shop in Virginia Beach,
What's Your Stitch 'n Stuff.

Enjoy and watch for tomorrow's report.

This is the Veteran's Day airing of the second part of the WVEC Quilts of Valor news story that aired yesterday. In this one you get to meet the recipient of the first Tidewater Quilters Guild Quilt of Valor, Corporal Jonathan Bartlett U.S. Army (Retired) of Chesapeake, VA.

~Mary Lynn


This story of two local Navy SEALs was on the front page of the paper this morning. See attached. As I was reading it I realized that I presented a QOV on behalf of The Tidewater Quilters Guild to LT Redman in his home October 31, 2007. The quilt photo is attached. Funny enough, his house is only about five minutes from mine.
When I met LT Redman he had just returned home to Virginia Beach from National Medical Center Bethesda for some convalescence leave. His jaw was still wired shut because of the bullet going through his face and knocking out some teeth and his right arm had an external device holding the bones together. He told me that while he was applying the tourniquet to his arm wound the shooter shot him in the face. LT Redman is one tough dude because he didn't die and as we read in the story he walked, with assistance, to the rescue helicopter.
He had to continue driving back to Bethesda for additional appointments with his plastic surgeon and the orthopedic surgeon. Portsmouth Naval Hospital here didn't have the expertise to treat, plus he wanted to continue with the physicians he started with. The orthopedic surgeon had once upon a time been a SEAL before attending medical school. Image the sea stories they have exchanged!
It was so great to read the story today and see that LT Redman is doing well and still on active duty. He was pretty worried about his arm when I saw him.

~Mary Lynn


Notes from Region 10

Tops on my wish list as Regional Coordinator is the request that if you are involved in making QOVs on a regular basis, that you please sign up as a local group - even if you are a "group of one". I often ask people to sign up, but haven't always explained the reasons of why this is important. Longarmers- this applies to you too. I regularly get asked (by email or in person) if there are any groups of people making QOV's in their locale. They may want to work with a group, may have fabric to share, or may want to longarm an occasional quilt without the expense of shipping. I've also received requests for QOV's for particular events. Having local groups and longarmers to draw upon reduces the time and expense of shipping quilts.

Another timely topic is the fast-approaching holiday season. We'll have less time to work on QOV's, but the need for them doesn't take a holiday. Do you have red and white fabric left over from those Christmas placemats you're making that you can use for QOV's? Do you have any leftover blocks and cut pieces from earlier workshops? Can
you make a block or two while your cookies are baking? How about setting aside "Black Friday" as QOV Friday?

Barbara Chojnacki

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