Sunday, September 5, 2010

Recognizing Dot Smally


Every month Dot Smally designs the" Valor quilt' which our guild will make for the month. Dot makes a pattern of "One Square"-then posts the pattern on the computer-She also shows us what the quilt will look likes when completed and we can down load the pattern.

At our meeting each month Dot collects the squares that have been made and puts the squares together and we sew the squares at the meeting. If we are unable to finish the quilt top, Dot will sew the rest of the squares together herself. If Dot is short some of the squares she will make the squares to finish the quilt. After the quilt is sewn, batting, backing and doing the quilting. Dot brings the finished quilt to the quilt meeting to show us the quilt and then Dot presents the quilt to a service person at the hospital who is recovering from injuries.

Submitted by: MJ Hayes

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