Sunday, September 5, 2010

Pellon Batting Discount

The Pellon company is making it possible for those who quilt an average of 2 or more QOVs per month to purchase 60 yd rolls of 60” Legacy 80/20 batting at cost ($66)plus the distributor’s shipping costs. 
This means than the participating Legacy Longarm Distributors make zero profit on these rolls.  Therefore, they want to be sure they are selling it to verified QOV quilters.  They are doing that by emailing me to see if you are signed up as a longarm volunteer and actively quilting QOVs.

If you have not signed up as a longarm volunteer, even if you signed up for the longarmer email list, I do not have you on any of my active quilter lists.  Sign up now! 
If you are a local group who wants to purchase the batting for your quilters, you must be registered as a local group and report your donations of QOVs if you are not going through Destination Requests on the website.
Questions? Please contact June at

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