Monday, March 24, 2014

Can Only Say Thank You

As a Vietnam Veteran in the Navy, he served on the River Boats on the Delta Rivers and other places. The sailors on those boast were referred to as part of the "Brown Water Navy." Any service member serving on those boats had high hazard jobs the minute they set foot in a country, very short, if any time out of harms way. Many of these men do not speak often of their service since not many can relate to the pressures and situations they served in.  
This Vietnam Vet was presented his quilt on March 4th in a management of his company, he did not know it was coming at all. When first called forward, he stated this was hard for him, and that he did not want to cry here, so my speech was very short. He later told me that when he got home he and his wife had a long cry together.
He comes from a military tradition family and is very proud of his time in the Navy. His plans are to place the quilt on his wall of Honor with his and his parent's military honors. He wants to express his most heartfelt thank you to all the ladies and gentlemen with QOVF for their work, and believes that is such an important service to those who have served
Per him " I can't put into words what this means to me, and can only say thank you."

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