Monday, January 27, 2014

My First QOV Presentation

This was posted on the QOVF Facebook Page and we wanted to share it:

Another US Veteran was awarded his quilt today, with his girlfriend looking on with tears and pride. This was a special award time for myself as well as the veteran. This was my first presentation on behalf of QOVF, and I hope that I am given the privilege of additional ones in the future.

It was an emotional experience for everyone there. I did not realize the impact that these quilts have on the veterans and their family once you start your presentation.

Patrick, served three tours in Vietnam with the United States Air Force along with his stateside assignments. He was in Da Nang for at least one of three tours, as a fuel specialist. He supervised and worked with a group of men refueling just about any aircraft that was flown in Vietnam.

After he was awarded his quilt I had the privilege of him sharing pictures and stories of his life in a  war torn region. I am proud to have met and shared an afternoon with a true American Hero. I was able to see his ribbon bar from his uniform and he was a decorated American hero. I noticed, but not limited to, a Bronze Star , Purple Heart, and his Vietnam Campaign ribbons. On the wall of his living room are several awards he earned and was awarded during his time of service.

Thank you Patrick for your service on behalf of our great nation, and the sacrifices you made for me and everyone else.

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  1. Patrick I want to add my thanks to you for serving. Viet Nam was a darned mess.. and to go 3 times, is unbelievable though I know it is true!

    Roland my hubby, flew the 124's, the old shakey. And then the 145... cargo, humans,
    etc. He also flew reconnaisance over VN while based in Bankok. He thanks you too, and it is a very Well deserved on your end.

    Rita & Roland Armstrong, now of Sanford, NC.