Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Continuing Commitment

On Sunday, January 5th, the Lincoln QOV started off the New Year with a presentation to Terry G., USMC. Terri served in Nam and was awarded the Purple Heart. What makes this vet so special, besides his service and sacrifice for country, is his continuing involvement with veterans. He not only voluntarily mentors veterans, but also donates his time to the Veteran's Hospital, working with several programs, such as the Music Festival, that are sponsored there. 
High school friends of Terry, and vets themselves, stopped by the QOV display at the Lancaster County Fair last August, where they inquired about getting a quilt for a deserving friend. Laura directed them to the QOV site to request the quilt for Terry. Julia S., QOV Information Desk Administrator, not only made this beautiful quilt but also LA quilted it and presented it to him.  His wife, Peggy, wrote: "I was very touched that your group wanted to present my husband with a quilt.  He was honored and it made my heart smile. . . .Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"
It was our honor to meet Terry and present him with his own QOV. He shared so much of himself at the presentation and we applaud his continuing commitment to our veterans.

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