Monday, September 16, 2013

Tennessee the VOLUNTEER state

What a whirlwind!

My wife and I have spent our 15 hours this week doing about 70 hours of QOV.

After a great presentation at the Legacy Peers group, I went to Bristol to award a quilt to a Veteran of Desert Storm at the request of our Virginia Coordinator.  On the way back, I met with the Greene County Quilters.  I learned they have been making several quilts for the VA Hospital in Mountain Home, Tennessee, and none of them had been reported.  Fortunately they had kept good records, so together we reported over 70 quilts not previously recorded.

It has really been fun sitting here at the Tennessee Valley Fair.  (Did I say sitting?  Our feet are tired from all the standing). We have been here just four days, and already have signed up 35 volunteers that are wanting to sew for us.  We still haven't signed up any longarmers, but there are still 6 days left.

We have been approached by two local television Stations that want to do a story on QOV.   A Radio talk show host wants me to be on his call-in show to tell about Quilts of Valor. A Senior Center Director who is a Korean Vet tells me that the center has a nice sewing room and a longarm machine, and several people that want to sew, but they don't have a project.  I said, "Well, I've got the perfect project for you."  I am going there after the fair to get them excited about Quilts of Valor.  My wife will be showing them how to use the longarm machine, because no one knows how it works.

There are three separate church groups that have an organized sewing group that have asked me to speak to them about QOVF.  Two quilt guilds I didn't know existed want me to speak to their guild members.  And the Legioneers in North Knoxville want me to make a presentation and speak to their members.  This has truly been a whirlwind activity.  There are still six days to go.  I am going to have to make more handouts as I have practically exhausted what I thought would be plenty for the 10 days.  This is probably the most fun I have ever had.

On the Monday following the Fair, I will be speaking to the Lion's club awarding 2 more quilts. They have promised a donation.  On October 12th I have been invited to the Navy Ball to award 14 quilts and the next week to Dixson Tennessee to award another 21 quilts to Ft Campbell troops at their retreat.  Just like the Timex watch or Battery bunny, it just keeps going and going

It is fun to be in Tennessee the VOLUNTEER state.  Folks here really do live up to that reputation.

Thanks to all of you for the hard work you do to honor the true heroes of this great country.

Dennis Taylor
QOVF Coordinator for Tennessee


  1. Whirlwind! I swear, you and your bride must be wearing roller skates. Tennessee - you are awesome!

  2. Hey there Dennis, where is the senior center. If they are close enough to me, perhaps I can donate some fabric strings for a group project.