Thursday, September 12, 2013


Roger Lemons was honored by the Lewiston, ID. Marine Corps League this past Monday, Sept 2.  Roger is now in Hospice care. He is a Vietnam Veteran who served with the Marine Corps.  Six members of the League, in dress uniform, escorted me to his home to award his Quilt of Valor. 

He was tickled to learn the pattern of his quilt is
 "Step Up to Freedom". 
 He said it was a most fitting pattern for him. 

He asked me to convey his thanks to everyone who works honoring and comforting those who serve.  I, of course, shared a BIG hug with him from all of you.  LOL - I gave him another when we left.  I told him it was his "lucky day".  Truth be told it was "MY" lucky day! 


  1. Oh, Karla - What a wonderful tribute!! Thank you!!

  2. This had to have been a Kleenex presentation. How touching it was to hear about Roger and to see him salute with one hand and hold his Quilt of Valor in the other hand. These quilts make such a statement. Bless all of you who are involved with Quilts of Valor.