Monday, August 12, 2013


I have a quick little story to share with you all, about how small of a world that we live in today. A couple of weeks ago I met a lady at a quilt show named Dora, and she took one of my business cards & brochures and went along with the rest of the show. So, I got a surprising phone call two days ago, Mrs. Dora invited me to talk to her quilting group. I was super excited and said absolutely, that I would do it!!!! I told her that I needed the directions. As she was telling me where this church was & when she began to describe it I began to feel like I'd been there before. I asked Dora if a long time ago she use to have a function called "the tasters tea" there? She stopped and said yes we did. When I was a small girl, tea time was so special because me and my grandma got to have bonding time, it was just a girl thing.So we kept talking and she asked me, "well, who is your grandma?" I said,  "Pauline Knapp"...... I heard her almost drop the phone. She said your kidding me? I said no, I am serious she is my grandmother. Dora began to tell me that her and my grandmother are very good friends. They are in the red hat society and garden club together and they had taught at the same elementary school for years. 
So today I went to speak at her church group. I was talking & showing examples along with different patterns the ladies could choose to do. When to my surprise my grandmother popped in. It was Surprise Sherra day because, I had no idea she was going to be there. Dora had made a special phone call invited her to surprise me and that is just what she did.
The ladies where so overwhelmed with what our Foundation does to support those touched by combat. They unanimously decided to help me with QOV's. We laughed and cried together telling stories about our Military families and some that had been lost. I wanted to share this with you all because you never know if the next person you talk to might that special QOV Volunteer.

Sherra Bailey
West Virginia Regional Coordinator for Quilts Of Valor Foundation

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  1. what a great story Sherra! Now every time you think of that you will smile :D