Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Lancaster County Super Fair - A Super Hit

From Lincoln, Nebraska

Quilt of Valor was present at the Lancaster County Super Fair, August 1-10, 2013. Under the supervision of Laura L. a table with a number of completed quilts was on display. At another table the Lincoln group had sewn signature blocks and fair goers were encouraged to sign a block for a vet.  Both tables were informative as to the mission of Quilts of Valor and were well received by the public. Over two hundred blocks were signed and these will be made into several Quilts of Valor.

First Lady, Sally Ganem-Heineman & Jamesena Moore

Stopping by the QOV table was the Governor's wife, First Lady of Nebraska, Sally Ganem-Heineman, and her assistant Jamesena Moore. They both signed signature blocks for us. 

Ms. Moore

Ms. Moore's husband is an Air Force (retired) MSgt. so we awarded one of our quilts to his wife to present to him.

A dozen quilts were awarded to veterans who stopped by our table and shared their stories with us. Sadly, we ran out of quilts before we ran out of vets. Each time a quilt was presented, it was an emotional moment for all.

Shown is a VietNam vet and a Desert Storm vet.


  1. So proud of my Lincoln QOV'ers!! You ladies rock!!!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful day for all!! Great job!!!

  3. GREAT IDEA and Wonderful Way to let community know about QOV.