Tuesday, February 12, 2013

So Cal QOV Presentations

Gerry Casman: Vietnam Veteran

Gerry was called to service in September of 1967.  During his induction, Gerry requested a helicopter program which was offered to qualified inductees.  Gerry passed the testing process and was accepted to Warrant Officer School.

He began his military duties in basic training  at Fort Polk, Louisiana. Basic helicopter training succeeded Fort Polk. Basic helicopter training was performed at Fort Wolters, Texas. This training was completed in 1968 at which time Gerry was given his new assignment to Fort Rucker, Alabama. At Fort Rucker he was instrument rated ,introduced to tactics and went into Huey transition. He was awarded his wings in November of 1968 and rated a Warrant Officer 1 .

Gerry was given a 30 day leave after training completion before being deployed to Vietnam. Flying Tigers Airline flew Gerry to Vietnam where he arrived on New Years Eve, 1968. He was assigned to the 101st Airborne, A Battery, 377th Division Artillery.  His duties were mainly Loach Support. Observation, Target Search, Artillery Calibration, Visual Recon, and any duty required by the 101st Airborne. Gerry completed his tour in Vietnam on December 29, 1969 as a Warrant Officer2.

Gerry returned to Fort Rucker as an instrument instructor. He performed those duties until his release in May of 1971.

After  4 years of Service to his country and 600 flight hours in Vietnam,
Gerry became a civilian once again.

During his four young years in the U.S. Army, Gerald Casman was awarded the following:

National Defense Medal
Vietnam Campaign Ribbon
Army Commendation Medal
13 Air Medals

Southern California Quilts of Valor was honored to present him with a Quilt of Valor

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