Thursday, February 7, 2013

Pinehurst Quilters

I represent the Pinehurst Quilters in Riggins ID. I wanted to share pictures with you for your blog on a presentation made on February 4th to Doug R. of WhiteBird, a Marine Corps Korean Vet who was one of the first group to land at Chosin Reservoir back in 1950.

 He told me his wonderful story about his tour in Korea and thanked God he managed to escape with his life.

He told me that he would jump with joy when the Corsair's would fly over and start shooting and made a mental note that next go around he wanted to be in the air, not on the ground! He then enlisted in the Air Force after Korea.

What a man.

Sixty three years later he still knew names of his comrades and officers.
The quilt was pieced by June Gentry and quilted by Shirley Stills.

submitted by:
Nightfeather 'Pam' Bogan

PS- from the blogger - google the *chosin few*  It will give you a new perspective - I promise

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