Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Special Note: Image 1703 is of the Arapaho Nation's flag made into a quilt for lady veteran who is an Arapaho (Native American) from our local Wind River Indian Reservation - which serves both the Shoshone and Arapaho. The quilt was designed and made especially for this young woman. She was surprised and very honored by this very special quilt ,

Image 1689 is of an 89 year old WWII nurse receiving her QOV.

Image 1675 shows me, my nephew Matt (who helps me at the shop and who loves to quilt for QOV), and my uncle. My uncle received his quilt (which I made & quilted in a week!!) from his great nephew, Matt.

#1673 shows me presenting my right-hand QOV'er, Chestine Brohm, with her surprise QOV. She served as an Army nurse in Vietnam, Operation Desert Storm, and other places. She retired from reserves as a Colonel! She has such a heart for QOV and helps me 150% in all everything. She will be helping me get a group going in several other communities, as well as helping at the State Quilt Guild's summer show and meetings. She presented a quilt (with my husband's help) to her husband, Dr. Bill Brohm, who served as general surgeon in Vietnam (which is where they met).

In service to those who stand in the face of war,
Stephanie Logan
Region 3 Coordinator for Wyoming

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