Monday, December 17, 2012

A Rewarding time in Alaska

During a month-long exhibit held at the Dorothy G Page Museum in Wasilla, Alaska hundreds of visitors were given the opportunity to learn more about the QOVF mission. DVD’s showing quilts and wartime scenes played continuously throughout the days. On some days signature quilt blocks were sewn plus two quilt tops were available for visitors to sign. Many war veterans stopped in to view the display and tell stories of their service to our country. Boy and Girl Scout troops visited the exhibit to learn more about our military’s work, too.

In the last few days I've presented or sent nine QOV's to their new homes. It's always rewarding to see the smiles on the faces of the recipients.

Two quilts were sent to Ft. Wainwright, Alaska, to comfort soldiers injured with an IED exploded near their vehicle in Afghanistan earlier this year. Two other quilts, made by Fairbanks quilters, will also be presented to the head surgeon of the unit and a medic tonight. These quilts are finding their new homes due to the teamwork of a father in Idaho who contacted Idaho coordinator Sharon L. She in turn contacted me on the same day that I'd learned of a new group forming in the Fairbanks area. They had two quilts to be presented. That group leader, who lives just 2 miles from Ft. Wainwright gates, personally handed these soldiers their Quilts of Valor at a dinner that included her pastor and two other quilters. Divine Intervention, Serendipity or Teamwork; call it what you like, this shows how well the QOVF process works across the miles.

Last Thursday evening I was able to surprise an 8-year Navy veteran with a QOV during our local guild's Christmas party. Although she didn't have "boots on the ground" she was instrumental in transmitting pertinent info to the troops in the early days OIF.

Monday was the day a WWII veteran, one of only three survivors from a sinking ship, received his quilt. This picture was taken at the traveling Viet Nam Wall this last year when this WWII veteran visited to place flowers at the wall in honor of our fallen service members.

After a friendly and interesting visit, he asked if one of his close friends, a Viet Nam veteran still dealing with war demons might receive a quilt, also. That one will be presented later this week.

Today, Tuesday, an Army Sergeant, disabled now as a result of an injury in Iraq, was personally presented a quilt. At the same time she was given the opportunity to choose quilts for three soldiers she credits with saving her life. She says that together, the four of them have served our country for over 100 years! I’ll mail out those three quilts tomorrow, with hopes they arrive at their new homes in time for Christmas.

Overall, it’s been a rewarding month in Alaska for the friends of the Quilts of Valor Foundation.

Submitted by Linda K - Alaska Coordinator

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  1. A huge Thank You to Alaska, Linda. We are so blessed to have the opportunity to interact with each other through this wonderful Foundation called Quilts of Valor. You have made an Idaho father proud.
    Sharon L
    Idaho QOVRC