Saturday, August 4, 2012

Thanks from A-Stan

Again, thank you so much and please know that these quilts really make a
 difference. I've found working here as an ICU nurse that one of the
 hardest  parts isn't so much that these guys have been hurt (most are tough as
 nails,  or at least act the part), but that they do not have friends or family at
 their bedside when they wake up from surgery or are in the recovery
 holding  area. We try our best to get them on the satellite phone home but other
 than  the phone call and our team providing some comic relief and a hand to
 hold,  the quilts are their only comfort from home.  Please pass along our thanks
 to all of the quilters and groups that support your organization.


 SGT Megan E

 NCOIC Intensive Care Unit

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