Friday, August 10, 2012

Navy Reunion

VR-21 U.S Navy Reunion.  June 14, 2012, San Antonio, TX

This is the group of Vietnam Veterans that I have been gathering quilts for
the past 2 years.  Because of the productivity of the QOV'ers of Lincoln, NE
I was able to reach the goal of 40 quilts.  Our presentation took place at
the Menger Hotel in downtown San Antonio.  Members of VR-21 who could not
attend, will receive their QOV via US Postal due to the generosity of their
shipmates.  I asked one wife to stand in for her hubby, he died during the
making of his quilt.  We all enjoyed our stay in San Antonio, a very
friendly town and state!

Submitted by Julia
Co Regional Coordinator
Nebraska ( and all around QOV'er!)

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