Monday, May 21, 2012

A Thank you Letter

This is the 3rd recipient letter I have received since I started making
QOV's in 2008 and as always it is wonderful.  I never expect to hear from
any of the recipients as what they are going through is taking all of
their strength both physically and mentally.  I am still in tears and
smiling at the same time.  It was beautifully quilted by Jamie W. in


  My name is Anthony S.  I'm a Sereant Firt Class with 3-509th parachute
Infantry Regiment out of Ft. Richardson Alaska.  I was serving in
Afghanistan when I was shot twice on the 30 april last month.  Once on
the left leg and once in the right flank which also fractured my hip.  I
recieved you quilt at Lanstul Germany.  I just wanted to thank you from
the bottom of my heart for that gift.  It was a long painful week, and
it was nice to know aside from family there are still people out there
that care about the military.  Afghanistan is bad right now,and anytime
I come to the states,the war doesn't even get one minute on the news.
I'm a platoon Sergeant and have some of the bravest men I ever have had
the privelage of serving with.  I have two tours in Iraq and this was my
first tour in Afghanistan. So again thank you for your support for the
military. Please tell Jaime W. she has my heart felt thanks.  I ended
up getting my purple heart pinned on by president Obama on the 2nd of
may which was a honor,but I enjoyed your quilt more. Thank you for the
sacrifice your father and the rest of your family that have served have
done for this country.   Have a great week.


Submitted by Deanna


  1. A beautiful letter and it speaks for ' all of the QOVs lovingly made and presented and received by our wounded warriors who we DO NOT EXPECT TO HEAR FROM BECAUSE THEY MUST USE THEIR STRENGTH TO HEAL ' -- many of us have made many quilts & our quilts carry our love and appreciation to our heros -- God bless our troops !

  2. Thank you for sharing this heart felt letter

  3. This note is from a soldier in the same unit as my son, and thus far I know of two 3/509th guys who have received a QOV. This makes it all the more of a personal mission for me knowing that these 2 heroes have been the recipients of these loving quilts.... keep up the good work, and pls keep all the guys in your thoughts and prayers