Thursday, May 31, 2012

Happenings In Oregon

On Sunday afternoon, another six Quilts of Valor were presented to our
American Military Heroes in a very nice ceremony in Springfield. Thank
you, Bobbie, for organizing!!

One of the Guardsmen from the audience came to speak with me afterward.
He had received his Quilt of Valor last February at the big Welcome Home
ceremony in Portland; he loves his quilt and has it put aside because he
was hesitant to use it because he did not know how to care for it. I
reminded him that this quilt was intended to be used, not just a wall
decoration, and gave him simple washing instructions. It will now be
wrapped around him frequently! He was very moved when awarded his QOV and
so inspired by the program that he wants to learn how to quilt so he can
make more Quilts of Valor for others!! He will soon be joining our local

Submitted by J Marie and Pene


  1. Wow, cheering him and you on as you begin your "Under our Wings" journey with a Veteran! In the spirit of Al Lind: Man and a machine, what could be more inspiring?!?!?!

  2. Thanks Pene' for doing this, you are awesome!