Thursday, May 10, 2012

Private Ceremony

After a year of requests, a Vietnam Veteran has agreed to a QOV.  He and
two other recipients have asked for a quiet private "ceremony".  He wrote a
letter which states information pertinent to us all.  To protect his
identity, I am omitting names and places.  He also requested a quilt for
another wounded veteran, through the QOVF network.  In part is his reply to
the coordinator filling his request.

"There is no need to rush (to fill the request)--please operate at your own
speed.......just make sure he is contacted sometime ahead of the
presentation......I found that one can "lay to rest" a bunch of stuff by
being retrospective between the notification stage and the presentation
stage.  I am sure he will call and discuss a variety of issues with
"FYI xxx   has tried to get me to accept a quilt for some time.  Her gentle
coaxing has allowed me to do so with some dignity."

Then followed:
"After having some time to "reflect" on everything that has passed with
respect to the QOV, including discussions with xxx and xxx, I am quite
eager to get one (+) a "hug" from you."

"I know so many guys that have had problems (medical, physical,logistical,
etc) after returning home.  Seems like a QOV would be helpful to them as
well.  As such, I found your National web for QOV and asked that one be
awarded to a collaborator of mine"

"As it turns out, I was immediately contacted by someone at the National
level-----then, someone at the State level.  Looks like xxx will get a
quilt.  I cannot tell you how much this has meant to me.  It seems so
simple, but it is a symbol of personal "freedom," justice and recognition.
Thank you for being such a pain that you kept after me to do this, not only
for me, but for xxx, xxx and now XXX (a troubled guy that will be made

Submitted by Sharon L

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  1. Wonderful - so great to see just what a quilt can really do