Saturday, October 23, 2010

Opportunity to make a QOV in MO.

Hello June!

My name is Kathy Buff and I am the owner of a new quilt shop called "Quilting on the Square LLC" located in Fredericktown, MO. I currently have 7 completed QOVs and 9 presentation cases. I am in the process of creating the QOV labels. We have 5 more at the quilters and one that I have on the design board.

I designated Mondays as QOV day at my shop. We have fabric that was donated and I keep quilt kits cut so that anyone wanting to stop by can work on one at any time (as long as I don't have a class in progress). The fabric is running low but

Since I haven't had too many stop by to help on the quilts, Mom likes to sew and work on them. She is disabled and I bring her to the shop almost daily.

Our local newspaper, The Democrat-News, did a newspaper article on the QOV day at my shop and the pic was in color! The hours listed for the QOV workshop were wrong but that is okay because people stop by and ask questions.

My family background is military. My father was in the Air Force, I was in the Marines, two brothers in the Navy, and my son is in the Army. I also had lots of uncles, cousins, and an aunt in the service.

My son was injured in Iraq in May 2007 and is still dealing with his injuries. He came by on 7/3/2010 to thank the ladies that joined me for a QOV sew-a-thon.

My goal at the shop is to complete 2-4 tops per month. I am quickly running out of quilters in our area to quilt the tops!

Here are a few pictures of the presentation cases and quilts we have made.

Have a wonderful day!


Kathy Buff

Quilting on the Square, LLC

15 Court Square

Fredericktown, MO 63645

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  1. What a wonderful way to get quilters into your new shop!