Thursday, August 6, 2015

Quilts of Valor and 4H Students

From Lincoln, Nebraska

Throughout the year eighteen 4H students worked on making 28 Quilts of Valor, which they proudly displayed on August 3 in York, Nebraska.

 Eileen K., is the University of Lincoln, Extension Agent, who has worked tirelessly these past several years to guide and encourage these young quilters in their endeavors. She retires this year. The students were interviewed earlier this year by Iowa Public Television who, in conjunction with Marianne Fons, will be producing a segment on the 4H students of York and Quilts of Valor. This display of QOV's was also taped for inclusion in the eventual production. The Quilts of Valor will be displayed at the Nebraska State Fair before being awarded to some very deserving vets.


  1. Love this project! Praises to all the 4H members and their agent for the good work. Would really like to know when the TV segment will air...from the mother of a 4H daughter who is now a military veteran.